Who We Are

We are are kindom family living as a missional-monastic community who are compelled by and order our lives around:

  1. Communion: As sons and daughters of God we rightly order our lives around around the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  2. Community: As brothers and sisters in communion with God, we pursue deep formation as we learn to live a holistic common life, serving one another in love.
  3. Commission: As partners with God, we incarnate the good news in our context and invite our neighbors to actively participate in reconciling our world to God and his Kingdom.

In Omaha we envision a multiplication of people living as Kingdom Family.  We desire to see extended-family sized communities where people are invited to discover the Father’s love deeply, understand His hope and experience His great power. By radically loving, welcoming and serving our neighbors, we will discover Jesus together. Our families and neighborhoods will be transformed and people who are far from God or His family will become the Church by living as an extended family on mission.

The mission of Newminster Omaha is to invite people to discover and be reconciled to Jesus, raise up a generation of missional leaders and catalyze fresh expressions of the Church.

As a Kingdom Family we value:

  • Scripture: discovering God in Scripture and aligning our lives around what we learn
  • Prayer: interceding for others and growing in intimacy with God
  • Hospitality: radically inviting the stranger and creating space for all to feel welcome
  • Freedom: finding release from bondage and discovery/living into God’s call on our lives
  • Servant Leadership: empowering others around us to lead and humbly serving each other

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