A community developing leaders who influence the fabric of the neighborhood and the future direction of the Church.

The ministry we have been charged to start and lead is called Newminster.  Newminster sites are places of fervent spiritual activity that integrate expert leadership development with a deep commitment to living as a community with a missional presence in particular neighborhoods.  We have sister sites in Dallas, TX and Fullerton, CA.

The purpose of Newminster is to catalyze new expressions of church.

Our heart is to see those who are resistant to the church and do not consider it a place to find answers to life’s questions, come to Christ.  By living missionally to plant the gospel in our neighborhood we envision the transformation of unchurched  and dechurched people, resulting in a movement of new churches being planted among new believers.  Our heart is also to discover, develop, empower and release a new generation of missionaries and church leaders into the world.  By empowering leaders to live into their Kingdom contribution we envision an outpouring of new missionaries, church leaders and church planters.

We are compelled to live in a way that embraces holism, covenant community, movement, development, fun, listening and hospitality.  These values define our DNA.

  • Holism: Proclaiming a holistic gospel, expressed in word, deed and power in the balance of worship, community and mission for the formation of whole people.
  • Covenant Community: Living in shared rhythms and proximity to one another as we do life together so that we will be an incarnational presence within a designated context and neighborhood
  • Movement: Creating fresh sustainable expressions of Church, both local and apostolic
  • Development: Having a bias toward training and growth and life-long learning for ourselves, apprentices and all who encounter our community
  • Fun: Enjoying play with one another and with God
  • Listening. Existing in a posture of abiding in Christ and listening to the Holy Spirit before wedo ministry.  Listening to those around us, both in the community and those we encounter in our neighborhood
  • Hospitality. Inviting in and creating space in our homes, neighborhoods and 3rd places where people can experience the Gospel first hand.
Why are we called Newminster?

The term minster is an old English word derived from the Latin monasterium or monastery.  It was originally used to describe monastic clusters or communities that stood in the gap between the church and unchurched world around them.  Some minsters were made up of clergy alone.  Others were composed of individuals who were not clergy but had devoted their lives to ministry. Contrary to what many have come to understand about monasteries, they were not only places of prayer and retreat, but also great centers of mission.  Historically, most of the missionary activity of the church was accomplished through and because of monastic communities. The heritage of the minster is one that we desire to bring back and re-imagine for our culture.  What would it look like for a small band of people living in close proximity who have all responded to a call to serve and plant the gospel in their community and culture?  What would it look like to re-imagine a community committed to daily and weekly rhythms of prayer, worship, community and mission?  How many missionaries and church leaders might a community like this be able to empower and send?  We believe the potential impact of a small, mobile missionary community like this is exponential. Because of this, the aim of Newminster is to recover the strengths of monastic communities and reimagine what a monastic community could look like in the 21st century.  Like the monastic communities of old, Newminster sites aspire to be places of fervent spiritual activity that integrate expert leadership development with a deep commitment to living as a community, and having a missional presence in our neighborhood.

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