Thank You!

Final.001Hello Friends,

As we wind down the year, we want to say a BIG Thank You! to everyone who prays for us, supports us and cares about our ministry.  It’s been an exciting year as God has done some pretty incredible things through our team here in Omaha and the Plains Region and we wanted to just share a few numbers with you.

(Our “ministry year” runs from September to August, so these numbers reflect the work we did from September of 2014 to August of 2015.)


We impacted 48 leaders through in-depth coaching, mentoring and apprenticing relationships.  We also impacted 59 leaders through trainings and workshop.  Together we had the opportunity to impact 107 leaders this past year!

Some of the leaders we invested in created or revamped some of their leadership training for the people they lead.  35 people were impacted through these new or recreated processes.


Our community started a new redemptive initiative this year called Mom Village to help connect moms in the neighborhood who have young children. This was our fourth summer leading Gifford Park Soccer Camp with over 60 youth participating.  We also continued to serve in our neighborhood as volunteers with our neighborhood association (GPNA), Big Muddy Urban Farm, Gifford Park Community Garden and Gifford Park Neighborhood Market

Leaders we impacted started three new redemptive initiatives this year and continued to lead and serve in three current initiatives.

We also had the opportunity to impact two churches and two ministries this past year.


This past year we have been journeying with 16 Pre-Christians toward a relationship with Jesus and actively discipling two neighbors who have come to faith in Jesus through our ministry.

Our ministry wouldn’t be possible without your partnership and investment!  Thank You!!

Lachlan 1

On the family front, Lachlan continues to grow and bless our family with his presence.  Norah just sang her heart out in the homeschool choir she is part of. Brennen is hoping for lots of new legos for Christmass!  Lisa and I are just trying to keep up the all three of these rowdies!