Life Compass

IMG_5339We’re running behind on our updates, but we wanted to fill you in on a Life Compass workshop we ran early last month.

Early in August and shortly after we returned home from our organizations World Wide Conference last July we welcomed several folks into our home for a weekend of discovering more deeply how the intersection of their life experiences, personality, vision, values, gifts and talents all contribute to their calling and Kingdom contribution.  They journey of Life Compass is from what has been, to a deeper awareness of identity.  From there, we coach participants into a clarified articulation of the impact they feel called to make in the world.  It’s a beautiful journey of discovery, hope, healing and focus.

Each time we do this workshop we are blown away by how God gentle creates breakthrough in people’s lives!  This go-round was no different.  Here is one participants big take-aways:  Breaking chains of lies and limitations.  Leaning into God’s personal vision for my life with FREEDOM.  Whoa!! 

We love what God is doing!