A New Name!

Standard-01Newminster Omaha has a new name–  :Beta: Omaha!

When we joined CRM nearly four years ago, we were starting a new team with two other leaders-one in Texas and one in California.  Because of the type of mission we had we were brought under a division of CRM called Missional Communities.  As the Newminster team interacted more and more with the other folks in our division, it began to dawn on us that we might actually be better together!

For the last two years the various teams and communities under the banner of CRM Missional Communities has been slowly working toward a shared identity, vision, mission and name.  In June that two year process was finalized with the launching of :Beta:!

We are super pumped by, not only the process of unifying that we have experienced, but by the unity and singularity of purpose that we now share together under the banner of :Beta:

Please visit our new website www.betacommunities.org.  There’s a whole bunch of great stuff there about the name, the vision and what we do.