Leave Behind and Take Aways

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Over Memorial Day weekend we hosted two couples from Sioux Falls for a follow up Taste and See.  (They had been down for their first Taste and See last October.)  It was another fruitful two days with them.  At the end we did a little exercise to help us solidify some of what God had done in each of our lives during our time together.  Below are some the things that were written. (The kids got to participate too.  If you look closely at the picture you might be able to find Norah’s contributions!)

Leave Behind:

fear of failure, fixing my parents, serving others to avoid my own healing, being/feeling like a one man show and carrying the weight of ministry, burdan of responsibility of failing my parents, belief in my control/what I think God will do, memory of absent Jesus, fear of entering memories, fear of risking because of pride, slight lukewarmness, fear of unknown, friends :(.

Taking With:

encouraged in my faith because of the hearts of others-inspired, renewed hunger to dig into God’s Word, interdependence-awe/gratitude at the dynamics/gifting and contribution of our team, really good notes and thoughts to be explored in Sioux Falls, belief in Jesus (x2!), foster relationships, realization I need to take time to contemplate, comfort of sitting on Jesus’ lap, promise of Jesus-”I know”, priority of coming to Jesus, DBS tool to practice with others, wonderings to lean into, gratitude that God provides iron to sharpen iron, tools to process my memories and experiences, better understanding of how to invite and engage non-believers with the Bible, challenge to show up, awareness of spiritual temperaments practices, desire for deep relationship, self awareness, joy of team, experience with essential oils, deeper and more intense pursuit of God, experience leading a Critical Conversation, desire to continue investing in others, friendships :).

We love seeing this kind of fruit!