Gifford Park Futbol Club

photo 2Three weeks ago the Omaha Parks and Rec department delivered two old soccer goals to our park.  Excitement isn’t a strong enough word for how I felt!  Two years ago I started a little soccer program for kids in our neighborhood.  Last year was our second summer running and during the coarse of the summer, Pablo and I began to dream about what more we could do.  (Read about that HERE)

So, last fall I wrote two grants for soccer goals.  We got one, but it wasn’t enough to buy two goals.  However, in the process, we learned that the city had some older goals they weren’t using anymore, and they said we could have them!  And so, on April 22 they were delivered!  Every night since there have been 20-40 people on the field playing soccer.  And when I say every, I mean EVERY night.  There were even people out there yesterday until the sirens went off for a tornado warning!

photoThe reason this is so exciting is because there are TONS of people who have wanted soccer goals in our park for a long time.  AND, several of us are working on turning an old dilapidated piece of so called park land that part of our neighborhood  into a dedicated youth sized soccer field. However, its going to cost more than $200,000 to make it happen!  One of the things that we need to prove in order to raise  that kind of money is that there actually is a need!

photo 3And now that we have goals up, Pablo is getting to move forward with his dream to organize a futbol club in Gifford Park.  We love seeing this kind of stuff happening in our neighborhood.  It is uniting cultures.  It is giving young men and women a healthy outlet for their time and energy.  It is honoring the felt needs of our neighbors and friends.  It is opening doors for ongoing relationships.  In the middle of this, we get to honor and declare the Kingdom of God coming among us!

photo 1