Inner Healing Prayer

espalier tree

Along with the development of skills and competencies, our ministry puts a lot of energy into the spiritual, emotional, and character formation of individuals.  As we walk alongside people, it doesn’t usually take too long to discover areas of wounding, insecurity and sin.  All of these are areas that the enemy loves to attack, capitalize on and get a “claw” into.  Shortly after we joined CRM we attended a training by Charles Kraft on the practice of inner healing prayer and deliverance.  Over the past three years we have been experimenting, practicing, and learning from others about this method of prayer for healing.  We have much to learn, but God has allowed us to find some success in helping people find freedom.

In the last couple of months we have seen God do some remarkable things in three different individuals.  As we have prayed with these friends, the Holy Spirit has revealed critical areas of past hurt and fear and brought emotional healing to those places.  We have witnessed Jesus set each of these friends free from demonic influences in their lives, allowing them to step more fully into the vocation that God has made them for!  This is when things get fun!

It brings us so much joy to watch as God sets our friends free from the lies and opposition from the enemy!

This type of prayer isn’t a fix-all and the enemy never really gives up his work of opposing people’s growth in Jesus.  Each one of us must continually set our eyes on Jesus.  But this can make such a difference in a person’s ability to cut through the chaos and lies that the enemy spews out so that they can live from a place of victory!  And we celebrate each and every one!