Contending for Schools

Omaha Public Schools Neighborhood Forum

Omaha Public Schools Neighborhood Forum

As President of our Neighborhood Association I have found myself involved in many issues that impact not only our neighborhood, but our city as well.  One of those issues is how and where we school our children.  Many residents of our neighborhood have been battling for the return of a school in our neighborhood since the district closed our neighborhood school in 1999.

It’s a complex issue.  Where we send our kids to school and where the district spend money is often motivated more by politics than by what is best for kids.  Different people have different needs and expectations for what a school should be and do.  This always leads to competing views of how and where to best teach our kids.

In Gifford Park and in the Omaha Public Schools District, we are in the thick of it!

OPS is currently entering into a new strategic planning period and has been hosting community forums through the school district.  Our prayer is that the voice of all who are affected will be heard and the best decision for students and parents will championed above politics and egos.