Home Owners Again

Our Home on Chicago in Gifford Park Neighborhood

Our Home on Chicago in Gifford Park Neighborhood

Two years ago as we were praying about where to move our little family and begin this journey of working toward reconciliation in a particular neighborhood while developing leaders and catalyzing new communities around the city, we were led to this lovely home on Chicago Street in the Gifford Park Neighborhood.  It was an amazing story, confirmed most strongly by a Person of Peace in our landlord.  It truly has proven to be the perfect home and location for us!

As we have settled into our neighborhood we have often thought about potentially buying a home here. We have been drawn in by this neighborhood, all this is already happing here, and the potential for catalyzing new things from here.  But renting is expensive compared to buying.  And, with a very large proportion of the neighborhood being rentals, we wanted to make a statement by buying.

Because we still own our home in Fremont, we weren’t sure if we would be able to buy another home.  But earlier this year we began exploring.  We also inquired of our landlord if they might be willing to sell this house to us.

Well, about six weeks ago we looked at a house in the neighborhood that would have been a pretty good option for us…but, if given the choice we would rather stay in our home.  Again we asked our landlord if they would sell…and they said YES.  We settled on a price that both of us were happy with and got ourselves pre-approved for a mortgage.

And, without too much hassle with paperwork and such in the process, yesterday we CLOSED on this HOUSE!!!

So, we’ll be here a while. 🙂