Taste and See


From March 14th to the 17, we had six young leaders join us for three and a half days to explore questions surrounding hospitality, community, calling and creating space for discovering and following Jesus.  For three and a half days these six men and women stayed in our homes, shared meals with us, played with our kids, explored our neighborhood and city,  joined us for several critical conversations and let us in on the insights they were learning.  At its core, it was a weekend for them to get a taste of what life is like for us, see it for themselves and explore what this could look like in their own context.  For us it was a chance to invest in leaders and get feedback on some of the things we’re doing.

A Taste and See is just one of the ways that we are developing leaders for the multiplication of people living as Kingdom Family.  We know that the only way to even imagine our hope of seeing a movement of people discovering Jesus in safe, empowering, hospitable and deeply formational communities is if we raise up a generation of people who want to do the same thing we do.  Some of the people we develop and empower are passing relationships–they come to a training or workshop event that we lead.  Others are more permanent relationships–friends who we are mentoring and coaching on an ongoing basis.  Still others become a part of our community as apprentices–people who covenant with us and join us in our rhythms of worship, shared life and invitation to others to explore the way of Jesus.  Every one is a vital link in seeing our vision to see people who have yet to discover Jesus, begin to explore what it means to follow him.

Enjoying a little bit of Cali Taco!

Enjoying a little bit of Cali Taco!