Taste and See

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We are hosting a “Taste & See” experience on March 14-18, 2013. It’s a chance to “taste & see” what life is like here—what we struggle with, what we hope for and who we strive to be. This is an opportunity for us to learn together with people who are asking the same questions we are. We’ll have some critical conversations, explore the neighborhood, pray and worship together.  We will ask questions and look for answers together. Our hope is that we can all discover how to love and follow Jesus better and deeper in our own contexts.

So, if that sounds at all interesting to you, let’s talk. If you’re considering the cost, we will provide a place for you to stay in our homes and any meals we have at home are on us. You are responsible for your travel here and back and any meals you eat out. We love having visitors at anytime and our door is always open, but we’d also like to have several people March 14-18 so we can share and learn from one another.  Hope to see some of you!