Episode 4.11–Thank You

Public Footpath in Buckinghamshire, England

We have much to be thankful for this month!

We have had some pretty rough Novembers in the past.  For the last four or five years, November has been a month where we faced some pretty big challenges.  And so, we entered into November this year with a little bit of trepidation…especially because I was going to be gone for 12 days, leaving Lisa, Norah and Brennen in Omaha.   So, we gathered up some special prayer warriors and we entered into the month with courage.  And all I can say is that God has been faithful!

A few hours after we voted on November 6, I jumped on a plane to England for several days of strategic planning, five days of learning from South Africans David Brooderyk and Peter Snyman on how to create church planting movements, and two days to visit some dear friends and mentors.  After all the traveling we have done this year, I wasn’t too excited about yet another trip and nearly two weeks away from my family and out of our neighborhood.  But I couldn’t have asked for more than the sweet gifts God gave me on this trip.  I honestly wasn’t convinced it was going to be a good use of the funds God has entrusted us to use, but after a lot of conversation with Lisa and prayer, we decided that I should go.

The oldest piece of Scripture in existence. Excerpt from John 18 held at the John Rylands Library in Manchester, UK

I come back with an encouraged heart, a renewed vision for what God has called us to, personal growth in my faith for God to move in power, and already a very important conversation with a local “gatekeeper” about God’s love and forgiveness for us and our neighborhood.

Newminster Thanksgiving with family, friends and neighbors.

To you who pray and invest financially in our work in Gifford Park, THANK YOU!!!

Downtown Omaha.