Episode 4.10–Changing a Neighborhood

Chicago Street in Gifford Park, Omaha, NE

When we moved into 3152 Chicago Street in the Spring of 2011 there was a climate of fear on our street.  Children rarely played outside, except for the unsupervised kids who lived at the crack house up the street.  Another nearby house often had strange vehicles pull up for a few minutes and then leave, adding to the general sense that our street was not safe.

When we moved in, we chose to face this fear head on…with a lot of wisdom.  Along with the Spiehs, another family that had moved in next to us, we began to take on the injustice of fear and darkness of a drug culture by spending as much time outside as possible.  Though we never let our kids play outside of our fences or without an adult nearby, we still played.  We invited the neighbor kids over.  We prayed.  We stood in our authority as sons and daughters of the Father!

Last fall the crack house was shut down.  It now sits empty.  In August, after the Spiehs moved to another part of Omaha, the Collies moved into the house next door.  Dave, Jen, Silas and Myah amped up the attack by their nearly constant presence in the yard or porch.  Soon, two kids who last year we rarely saw outside, were at the Collies house playing with Silas and Myah. And the other suspicious activity on our street has slowed significantly.

So last Wednesday when I stepped onto my porch to see kids playing in my yard, the Collies yard, on our sidewalk and in the middle of the street I knew we were making some progress!  There was a lightness in the air that caught me by surprise actually.  Its nothing too big; just one little street in a neighborhood, in a big city in a state, in a big country in a great big world.  But it’s the Kingdom coming!  It’s transformation.

To those of you who pray or invest financially in the impact of Newminster Omaha, thank you for making it possible,