Episode 4.9–What Happened to August?

A Tijuana sunset.

Sorry for failing to bring you all along for all the fun we had last month!

We took a 12 day trip to Southern California and Tijuana for a conference, CRM site leader meetings and a few days of visiting my sister’s family.

Then, Dave Collie and I flew to New Orleans to load up all of their stuff into a U-haul and drive it up to Omaha.  We’re so very excited to have Dave, Jen, Silas and Myah living next door!

The last couple weeks of August were spent preparing for the Fall.  Norah started homeschool last week.  Silas started kindergarten at Kellom on August 2oth.  The Collies have been moving and settling in and we’ve all been learning a new rhythm of life together!

Let’s do this!

Pizza on the beach with the Johnsons

San Diego Bay with cousins Dorian and Kirra.

Fish Tacos in Tijuana!

Move in day!!

Nebraska’s newest Husker Fans!