Episode 4.5-Community Clean Up Day

Every Spring the city of Omaha sponsors neighborhood clean up days.  This year the day fell on May 19 for Gifford Park.  We decided we would take advantage of this day to gather a crew of friends and neighbors to clean up an old alley that runs behind our house.  We ended up with some extra volunteers from Teen Challenge, a Christian recovery program and were able to get a LOT of the alley cleaned up!

Weeds! Lots of Stinging Nettles

Trash…3 mattresses, two couches, one recliner and lots of little stuff.

More Nettles!



CRITTERS! Surprisingly we only found this big spider and a little garder snake.

More trash. Three truckloads worth all together.


Looking good!

So, now we’re dreaming about what to do next.  Maybe a walking/bike path and some landscaping?  A raised bed garden?

At the very least, an eyesore has become a little less ugly!