Episode 4.4-Prayer

On Tuesday the 17th we spent the day praying.  From six am to six pm we took turns listening and praying for our neighborhood, the people we’ve met, and the direction God is leading our baby community.

The time went really well and really fast.  I wanted to pass along a few of the things that stuck out to us.

I Corinthians 3:16–unity of the body.  Sensing Newminster needing to honor and reach out to the two church communities that are in the neighborhood (Flatland meeting at the movie theater at Midtown Crossing and two Coram Deo missional communities that meet in the neighborhood) for partnership, encouragement, blessing and prayer.  I need to confess my pride and resistance toward them.

Gang and drug issues came up in several ways.  In regards to the park and the tagging that’s been going on.  Lisa really sees the park as a battleground.  The K-N-J “grocery” store is also a hot spot for illicit activity and we were praying into that.  I met a man named Gary who I feel is potentially a gang member b/c of the tattoos he was wearing.

Alli spent her hour praying in the park and continued to get a picture of a concert in the park with the neighborhood all uniting together there.

Trust was another theme.  Anna sensed a strong peace in being able to trust God to lead/guide/provide in the midst of all of their (Landts) questions.  Lisa experienced this in regard to the fear of offending people.  She began to feel that if we are building relationships with folks, we can trust the Spirit of God to stir up questions in them, and not fear offending them.

Hannah had a cool picture of our community as a little sprout growing up and roots growing deeper–becoming a beautiful flower– and our need to focus on sending our roots down deep.

All in all it was a great day of prayer and we’re looking forward to the next time we do this in May.