Episode 4.3-Refocusing

Refocusing participants hard at work!

This past weekend we hosted five folks in our house for a weekend workshop  called Refocusing.  It was a really powerful weekend and rewarding for Lisa and I to invest in this way.  The basic premise of the workshop is to awaken courage in individuals to discover and live out their unique missional DNA.  There are three phases: we look at the past to understand how God has shaped our character; we mine our past and Scripture to develop personal value and Biblical identity statements; we finish by putting these things together to begin forming a Kingdom contribution statement.  Its a lot of work!  And it is worth every second!

I have been coaching one of the participants for about 6 or 7 months.  He’s a pastor who was on the edge of burnout when I met him.  Its been a pretty tough go of it and we’ve been moving really slowly.  We’ve recently started to gain some traction and Saturday is going to really contribute to his general spiritual/emotional health as he comes to understand his call more specifically.  At one point when we were working on Biblical Identity stuff he was having trouble connecting what he was reading/writing with his heart.  This has been a major block for him for our time working together.  It is all very academic to him.  A few things led me to ask him how he felt about the word “Belong”.  He said its what he longs for most.  I had him identify the identity statements he most resonated with:  I am God’s friend, I am His son, I am loved.  As we paired this with the truth that He belongs to God, a light went on in his heart and we could all see the connection.  I was able to affirm to him that the search that he has been on all his life is found in this fact.  He belongs to and with God!  And God loves him as son and friend.  It was a very sweet moment.

Anna Landt helping host and cleaning up after supper.

There were others too…like seeing Jesus bring healing to some old wounds, hearing the participants discover their core values and experience the passion, as well as fear, in their hearts as they shared the things that they are coming to understand as their kingdom contribution.

We’re looking forward to many more opportunities to develop leaders and stir up their hearts for what God has formed in them!