Episode 4.1–Throw a Party

Hugh Halter, author of Tangible Kingdom, And, Sacrilege,  church planter and former CRM missionary has become a bit of an expert in the world of missional communities. When asked how to get started with being people who are living more authentic missional lives, his advice is to throw a party. Why? Because in a country where most people’s experience of Christianity (including most Christians) is more about do’s and don’ts and why certain things are wrong, we could all use a good dose of fun. A place to be ourselves. To eat good food. To laugh. To listen to each other. Without fear of condemnation or judgment. We need a place to think what we think and feel what we feel…right or wrong.  A place that is safe to discover ourselves and God.  A place of discovery where we are actually able to get to know each other at a level that is deeper than oughts and shoulds.  We need a place of discovery where we can meet Jesus, discover him and discover what it is that he’s all about.

We’ll be throwing these kinds of parties pretty regularly.

We’ll try to take more pictures, but when you’re having  as much fun as we are getting to know old and new friends, sometimes all we get is the aftermath!

Taco Night!