The Things God Has Done-Remembering 2011

Dying Easter Eggs at the Costellos

First off, we want to say THANK YOU in a big way to all of you who have read, prayed, encouraged and financially supported both us and the ministry of Newminster in Omaha. I’m sitting at Panera today and have been reading some blogs from around the world about what people are doing in the church planting world. Its pretty incredible to read about the movement of God’s Spirit in all corners of the globe. What I am most struck by is the fact that we are all a part of God’s greater movement in our generation. Purcells on Mission is not about one family living a missional life, raising up leaders and catalyzing new churches. This is about a movement that you and we and believers all over the globe are a part of! In light of that, we are humbled that we have a community of people who are empowering us to play our part in this!

demolished bathroom

We experienced 2011 like a big paradox. We have never done more traveling or had more “movement” in our life as a family, and yet, we have never felt more settled.
Most of our movement happened in the first half of the year and most of our settling happened in the second half, but ironically, the first half felt very settled and the second half had its own version of movement.

remodeled bathroom

Our traveling included trips to California for training and strategic meetings, a trip to Dallas for training, a trip to Utah for retreat and trips to Iowa, Kansas and all over Nebraska for fundraising. We also moved from Fremont to Omaha this year, with a 6 week stay over in some dear friends home while we waited for ours to be ready. And the moving has come as we have gotten on the ground with ministry and have been learning what works, what doesn’t, what we know and what we thought we knew that we don’t.

New Garden Boxes at Yates Community Center

The settling happened in our coming home to a call that we are made for. It came as we moved into our house in Gifford Park and started to get to know our neighbors in a place that we’re eager and excited to be. It has come as we settle into what life is like in this kind of ministry. The settling has come as we learn new stomping grounds, find new favorite places and listen for where God is calling us to go deeper and submerge.

CRM missional communities site leaders

Some Highlights

Last year we…
…actively listened to our neighborhood and identified four mission areas that we will pursue in 2012
…networked with existing ministries in Omaha and begun to attend a monthly church planting network meeting
…moved from 12% to 65% funded
…began a coaching/spiritual direction relationship with one pastor
…led one leader in a series of spiritual direction exercises
…have been coaching a worship team and leading worship at a new mission church plant in West Omaha called Streams of Life
…began to form a small community in our neighborhood, both in releasing one couple to move on an in inviting another to apprentice with us.
…traveled over 20,000 thousand miles
…began working on a collaborative devotional writing project using the Moravian Daily Texts

Baking cookies for the neighbors

Looking Ahead to 2012
This year we will…
…Host monthly exploration gatherings. This is a low commitment, high relationship building party. We have a lot of old and new friends who are all in different places in their interest in spiritual things. This is where we get to explore together what might be.
…Lead two LifeCompass workshops. This is a great CRM tool to help people understand their gifting and calling.
…Finish our pilot apprenticeship program year with Jared and Anna Landt.
…Get further training in coaching, mentoring and spiritual direction.
…Go deeper in our neighborhood and in the places God has prepared for us to minister.
…Continue working with Streams of Life Church.

Some friends at the Purcells