Episode 3.9–Garden Boxes

A snowy day to place new garden boxes.

On December 10 there was a fresh 6-8 inches of snow on the ground.  But that didn’t keep the garden boxes from going in.  Yates School was going to lose its grant for the garden box project I talked about in episode 3.6, so Dana, a Gifford Park resident with lots of gardening experience organized a group to get the work done before the money ran out.  A number of neighbors showed up at Lowes and built 19 5ft by 10ft boxes.  Then, after lunch we hauled them to the school, placed them and filled them with the delivered dirt.

Of course, a project like this never goes exactly as planned.  As Newminster we had offered to head up the project, so we were surprised when we got the email telling us about the work day.  But it was so much better for us to be able to join our neighbors in the project and work beside them.  The other change was the site of the boxes.  Originally they were going to be on the West lawn.  A group of neighbors measured and marked out the plots,  but last minute changes meant they had to be placed on the East lawn and a quick re-plan and layout was drawn up.

Snow or not.  Changes or not.  The cool thing is that there are now 19 Garden Boxes (and soon to be a shed) that the immigrant and refugee population in Omaha and Gifford Park can use to grow and learn to grow some of their own food.