Episode 3.8-San Diego

I just got back from three days of meetings with all of the CRM missional communities site leaders.  We were in San Diego, which was a really nice change given this is what it looks like outside my office window right now.


They were three intense and highly productive days.  There is nothing like being around a bunch of passionate people who care deeply about loving their neighbor and apprenticing others to do the same.  Our three days has already given me much to think and pray about and its going to take several weeks to catch Lisa up.

The Spirit of God was powerfully present and leading in very cool ways.  At the end of Wednesday morning’s session I mentioned to Travis, who is technically my boss, that I believe we will look back in five or ten years on that morning as a pivotal turning point in the ministry God has called us to share together.  Very exciting stuff.

On a lighter note, we realized midway through our meetings that, apparently, one of our core values is that we are avid Apple users.