CRM Day of Prayer

Every year, on November 17, CRM stops around the world for a time of focused prayer to lift up those who have partnered with us, journeyed with us and fought with us this last year.  If you are reading this, you are one of those individuals who have in some way made possible the ministry of Newminster in Omaha and around the country.  We’d love to hear how you are doing, and more specifically how we can pray for you.  If you would reply by sending in a prayer request, we will be taking time throughout the day to join with what the Spirit of God is doing and lift teach of you into His hands.  It could be a few simple words or a glimpw into how your life is these days.  God has been teaching us so much about prayer, the supernatural, and intercession.  It really does excite us to stop and join the hundreds in CRM around the globe and intercede for all of you.  You have all given so much, through a variety of ways.  We’re grateful to be able to give back in a very small way.  Thank you all and we look forward to hearing from you.

You can send prayer requests to my email