Episode 3.6-Yates School Community Garden

The master plan for the Yates School Community Garden

If you get our snail mail newsletter you’ve read a little bit about Yates School.  Yates is a pretty unique place.  It is one of Omaha’s public schools, but it is an adult education center that serves immigrant and refugee populations.  Last year the Omaha Public School system opened Yates up as an ELL school for the growing Latino, Sudanese, Somalian, Thai, Bhutanese, and other immigrant  populations in Omaha.  Last year about 400 students enrolled at Yates, taking part in their English and Life Skills classes.  Yates has a large sewing room as well as a culinary arts room.  Their newest dream is to build a community garden on their front lawn.  We’ve gotten to know the director of this school a little bit and have the privilege to work alongside them to see this project accomplished.

We are excited to serve our neighborhood and a very important segment of the folks who live here by organizing people to get this project done.  We’ll need people to do the work of setting up the garden.  We’ll need people to educate the teachers and students on how to farm in Nebraska and empower the teachers to be able to walk alongside their students as they learn to grow food for the first time, or in an entirely new way.  We’ll need people to teach the students how to cook some of these new foods they’ll be growing.

We’re excited for the possible relationships to be built with such a varied group of people.  We’re excited to see our neighbors’ lives improved.  We’re excited to see what God does with all of this and that we get to be a part of it.