Episode 3.4 –Step Out and Serve

This post is long overdue.

On August 21 we had a team of 12 from Lutheran Church of the Master West Campus here for the afternoon to do some work around our house.  It was another Extreme Makeover Home Edition sort of afternoon!  The team got a ton of stuff done around our house as well as a lot of trash picked up around our block.  It was a good day.

Basement Laundry Room Before

Basement Laundry Room After

Front Yard Before

Front Yard After

Front Yard After

Norah's "BlackIe" hung and ready for riders!

Trees trimmed to make room for Blackie

Our new composting pit


Of course, we forgot to take any action photos or pictures of the work crew.  But they sure did great work!  Thanks to LCMC!