Episode 3.3–Arlan’s Barber Shop

Brennen and Arlan

One of our main focuses right now is to “move into the neighborhood”.  What that means for us is to meet our neighbors, find out whats going on in Gifford Park, learn who the major community leaders are, find new favorite restaurants…and new places to get our hair cut.

Every day there are opportunities for us to build new relationships and strengthen old relationships.  Some of these relationships we know will be with people who God has been drawing to Himself.  So every time we meet someone new we’re asking God to give us His eyes and show what He’s been up to.

Two weeks ago I walked into Arlan’s Barber Shop and received the most manly “pampering” a man can receive without feeling neutered.  Absolutely amazing!  But what really sold me on Arlan’s was the conversation we had.  God seemed to open things up in such a natural way that both of us knew God was at work.  In Arlan’s words, “You didn’t just come in here for a hair cut today, God sent you.”

So, back we went yesterday to get Brennen’s hair cut.  And we look forward to many more cuts from Arlan, as well as lots of good conversations!

Cool Kid Brennen