Episode 2.21–Season Finale

The finished product...almost! 🙂

With the completion of our bathroom, season two comes to a close.  There is a wee bit of painting needed to finalize the bathroom, but for all intents and purposes it is DONE!

This is a very exciting thing for us because it means, most importantly, that we can bathe in our own home!  But it also marks the end of our move in process.  Though there is always a lot more to do to be fully moved in with all the furniture in its final resting place and all the pictures hung and other such things, we’re in!

It has been a long transition for us that began a whole year ago when we put our house on the market to sell.  It really picked up when we finally rented our house and started officially packing in February.  At the end of March we moved into the Costello’s house and the second week of May we moved into our new home.  And now, we’re here.

Let Season 3 begin!