Episode 2.20-A Little Progress

Well, despite the fact that our bathroom remodel isn’t done, we moved in Sunday night. For the time being we’re showering at Jordan’s apartment.  But we have made progress and I wanted you to see a little of it.

With the dining room floor finally done, we can now eat in peace!

Furniture in the living room! The floors are done in there too!

Furniture in the living room! The floors are done in there too!

More bathroom progress.

Norah's room with a new bedroom set from our new friends the Aernis. Thanks Aernis!

Brennen in his "crib".

Norah, Brennen and the two neighbor girls Anna and Lauren. Its getting to be home.

It will be a while before the house is all ready to go, but we’re getting there.  In the mean time, we’re already getting to know our new neighborhood a bit.

One person you can be praying for is John, our neighbor to the north.  John had three heart attacks last year and has a defibrillator in his heart.  A few days ago  his heart was doing some funny stuff and it shocked him six times.  We pulled up to the house just as he was heading out in the ambulance.  The paramedics let me jump in and pray for John.  We had met just once for a few minutes, but when I got done he said, “Thanks, Eric.”  Pray for continued open doors with John and his family.  Pray for his health and complete healing.