Episode 2.12–Homeless

We are currently homeless.

It’s kinda fun to say that.  But its not really true.  It’s true that we don’t live in our own home currently.  The home we own in Fremont is occupied by renters and our new home in Omaha isn’t available until May 1, so technically we’re homeless.  But we have some wonderful friends who have welcomed us into their home.  All I have to say about living with the Costello’s is that living in community is a rich and abundant way to live.

While we’re waiting for our home in Midtown to be available, we’re also planning a couple of trips.  This weekend we’re going to Iowa to visit family and some old friends.  Following that trip, I (Eric) will be heading to Kansas to speak at a missions conference.

So we’re staying pretty busy, but also enjoying life, investing in the relationships around us and eagerly anticipating the day we move into our new neighborhood.