Episode 2.8–The Latest

We’d like to update everyone on the status of our move to Midtown and what we’re going to be up to in the next two months.

We still live in Fremont.

That’s been a discouraging thing for us to say. We thought we would have moved six months of ago! We’re not discouraged now, but we’ve been through the discouragement wave a few times as we’ve struggled to sell and rent our home. Currently, we are still trying to do both and have a couple leads on renters. We’re still praying to move soon and hoping to be in Midtown by March 1.

We’ve been traveling a lot…and still have a lot to do.

Our next two trips are at the end of January and in February. On the 22 we’ll be heading back to California for two CRM trainings. We’ll be home the 7 of February. Then a week later we’re heading out to Iowa for about a week to visit friends and family in Des Moines and Davenport. Those of you that live that way, we hope to see you!

Then, its back here and hopefully we’ll be packing up our house and moving!

Those are OUR plans. We’re learning to do a lot more listening lately and holding those plans ever so loosely as life is quick to surprise us, our enemy eager to oppose us and our King sure to complete things in HIS way and time!