Episode 2.5–The Attic

Let me introduce you to one of our good friends and only (so far) teammate, Jordan Goodall.  Way back in April when Lisa and I were first starting to talk about this new adventure, Lisa was telling Jordan a bit about our vision.  Jordan’s response was, “I’m in”. After stepping back to actually pray about it, Jordan felt God was indeed leading her to join our team and move to Midtown.

As Jordan started looking for places to live in Midtown she was asking God to guide her and lead her to an area through the people she met there.  After a long day of apartment shopping with a friend they stopped at a local bar and grill called the Attic.  They immediately made friends with the owner who was very honest about his faith journey.  Jordan has made the Attic a regular place that she visits to meet people who live in the neighborhood.  One of the ladies Jordan has met has become a good friend.

Because of some pretty rough life issues this friend is facing right now, she has really soaked up time with Jordan.  They have eaten together, gone to Nighthawk (a semi-pro team in omaha) football games and to the movies.  As she has gotten to know Jordan and as Jordan has listened to her story, the two have built a sense of trust.  Now, the faith that shines so beautifully in Jordan’s life is beginning to look attractive to her new friend and she is beginning to desire to know more about what the Bible has to say.  The two of them are just beginning an investigative Bible study together!

Please be praying for Jordan as she is on the front lines without the rest of her team.  Please be praying that God gets us down there quickly.  Please be praying for others to join us.  The fruit that is growing because of Jesus’ presence in Midtown through Jordan is amazing.  May it grow exponentially as God moves us and adds to this community of missionaries.