Episode 2.4–“Welcome to CRM”


“Welcome to CRM”

Those were welcome words to Lisa and I last Wednesday as we came to the end of our assessment.  The process to joining the staff of Church Resource Ministries has been fun, challenging, frustrating, amazing and an overall surprise in discovering and growing into our calling and gifting.  Through this process we have learned more about ourselves, been affirmed in who we are and in what God has been doing in us and found a wonderful home in CRM.  We have been blessed by CRM’s attention to staff development and care to focusing on the health of her missionaries…even the ones like us who are still in the process of joining.  Even on our assessment day we paused before lunch to spend some very meaningful time in prayer over some of the areas of brokeness in our own lives.  Assessment has the potential to be very difficult, but we found the day to be a huge blessing to us!   Needless to say, we are very excited to be on the staff of CRM.  Please check out CRM’s website www.crmleaders.org!

Our main next step is raising the financial support we are going to need to fulfill the ministry God has prepared for us in Midtown.  We are eager to begin this process and already today we participated in a one day webinar covering the basics of fundraising.

Please be praying with us for this next season.  As much as we are eager to “get on the ground” with ministry, building the financial foundation that will allow us to get on the ground must come first.  Please pray that we would be able to live into the reality of the ministry of support raising.