Episode 2.3–Lake Powell

Last week I had the chance to hang out with a dozen other young leaders in CRM at Lake Powell on the border of Utah and Arizona.  Six days on a 75 ft houseboat with 12 guys is a memorable experience!  Sam Metcalf, the president of CRM was also on the boat and at times it felt kinda like The Bachelor with all of us trying to gain and audience with him!   I kept looking around for the video camera.

A couple of things I came away with from this trip:

  • I really like CRM and the leadership of the agency
  • I really like the CRM people we’ll be in community with around the world
  • I really needed to laugh
  • It was great to hang out with Travis and our other teammate in Dallas, Keith Peeler
  • My heart needed to be reassured that Jesus is still near and is inviting me to explore with Him.

The next two weeks are going to be very busy for the Purcells.  We have our assessment coming up in the first week of October.  This is a one day review of our gifting and call and general sanity and is the final step in coming on staff with Church Resource Ministries.  It includes several personality and gifting assessments that we have to take prior to a phone conversation with a pshycologist.  We also have a one day fundraising seminar to attend on October 11 which also includes several things to read and prepare prior to that date. 

And then…

Let the support raising begin!