Episode 2.2–Prayer


We cannot move forward without prayer.

I do not mean this in some sort of checklist way. I mean it quite literally.  As Christians, our default is often, “Yea, prayer, but what is the real work?”

Prayer is the real work.

One of the foundational things that CRM has asked us to do is to build an intercessory prayer team that will faithfully cover us in prayer as we move forward.  We thought this was a good idea and began thinking and praying about who we might ask to be on this team.  But last Friday we stopped everything and set to forming the beginning of this team immediately.

Over the last month I’ve had a few run-ins (literally) with my car.  First I backed into my dad’s truck and ruined the driver’s side door and front panel.  A couple weeks later I backed into a light pole while backing out of a coffee shop.  Now, I’m normally a good driver (though I have had my moments) but this was too much. 

Then, on Friday I was driving to a house to do some work on it and had my ladder strapped to the roof.  Yes, you guessed it… at 60mph one of the straps came loose and I suddenly had a rogue ladder flying around my roof.  I was on a bridge crossing the Platte River.  There was a car behind me. 

That really shook me up…and scratched up our car quite nicely.

I called Lisa immediately and asked her to schedule a meal or coffee with the two couples we had already identified as people we wanted on our prayer team. 

We cannot move forward without prayer.

We invite all of you to pray for and with us, but if you feel that maybe God is moving you to commit to being on our intercessory team, please let us know.  We would love to visit with you about it.