Season 2–A New Beginning

Today marks the day that the Purcells officially begin.

We have one focus now: To BE and DEVELOP missional leaders for the health of the Church.

Last week our team leader, Travis Collins, was here with us for three days.  It was a fruitful three days of processing, prayer, confirmation, dreaming and talking about next steps.  The next several months will be foundational to the work we’re being sent out to do and there’s a lot that still needs to happen before we can begin building:

  •  Going through the application process to come on Staff with CRM. 
  •  Selling our house
  •  Raising financial support
  • Moving to Omaha
  • Building a core team of missionaries to do this with us (If you, or anyone you know, have a heart for community, mission and raising up leaders, please let us know!)
  • Building an intercessory team that will faithfully pray for us

We invite you to journey with us.  Perhaps you will join us and move into our neighborhood to go on mission with us.  Perhaps you will send us.  Perhaps you will pray for us.  Perhaps you will watch from a distance and be encouraged by what God accomplishes.  Perhaps you will be challenged to grow in your own calling right where you are.  Whatever this looks like for you, we invite you to journey with us.