Episode 4: Normal Christian Life–Some Perspective from Lisa

About a year before marrying my mission-minded man I was in crisis.  Realizing my need for and discovering the sufficiency of my Lord and Savior led me to very quietly test the waters of God’s grace.  Before I knew it I was plunging headlong into faith and the adventure of following after a God I barely knew.  But God was so faithful!  In the following months I experienced God’s love and guidance so tangibly that there was no doubt left that my life belonged in Jesus’ hands.  I felt alive as God led me in victory over issues that had shackled me as far back as I can remember and I was in awe of my God’s desire and ability to incarnate so directly into my life.

 5 years later I found myself in another, similar crisis.  I was experiencing a spiritual draught as God’s touch in and around my life became anything but the norm.  But what I couldn’t understand was that this experience seemed to be usual for most Christians I encountered.  I began to wonder: “Is God still moving in the world?  Shouldn’t my life look different from a “non-believer’s”?   Shouldn’t I see evidence of the Holy Spirit…somewhere?”

I am so happy to say that God has given me a big YES to all of these questions.  There is more to being a Christian than receiving my ticket to heaven.  In the last year I have learned that the Kingdom of God can be seen and experienced when we live as disciples of Christ in worship, community, and mission.  I have seen the fruit of this 3 dimensional way of living in the lives of others, and though I have much to learn, I long to also see that fruit in mine as well.  The best way I can quickly describe my experience of 3 dimensional living, is that it is authentic, humble, peaceful, challenging, loving, secure and victorious.  And if we are really functioning as disciples, it draws others closer to God because life…here…with God really is much better than a life without Him.  It’s this fullness of life I’m burdened to share with our culture.