Episode 3: Mexico or Bust

I just got back from a mission trip to Mexico with my high schoolers on June 19, the day before my 30th birthday.  Nine years ago, the day before my 21st birthday I got back from a mission trip to Mexico.  As always, God was faithful to His word and work on both of them.  Nine years ago I learned that mission fuels worship.  This time, as I led 13 students and 4 adults, I was blessed to watch mission fuel worship.

Since I returned from Mexico nine years ago, I have known that God was calling me to raise up and train missionaries by inviting them into God’s mission in the world–even if they aren’t quite “ready” for it.  But on mission the Holy Spirit grips our hearts, forms our passions and transforms us into people who live for the name of Jesus to be famous and hunger for the Kingdom of God to come.  Nine years ago I had no idea how God was going to end up using me to do this.

Since then, I have played around with all sorts of ideas of how to disciple Christ followers by inviting them into the mission of God in the world.  It seems that now, God has finally led Lisa and I to a vision that will allow us to do this in a way that is evangelistic, builds the church and equips “apprentices” to go out and live incarnationally in mission.  (More on this vision to come.)

Bethany Lutheran Church High School Mission Team, Matamoros, Mexico

The trip last week did not disapoint.  I was thrilled to watch as the Holy Spirit worked in my students’ hearts.  They were open to him.  We worshiped every morning and night.  The kids were in their Bible’s every day.  The Holy Spirit used these things to soften their hearts.  They saw needs that thay don’t see in America.  They met needs that they don’t usually get to meet in America.  They began to hear the still, small voice of God in their hearts and were formed.  Three of them accepted Christ and decided to follow him with their lives.  One student re-dedicated her life to Jesus.  All of them took steps toward Jesus and learned more about what it means to follow Him.

Mission fuels Worship.  Worship fuels mission.  The point, though…is worship.