Episode 2…The Seeds of a Calling

When I (Eric) was 15 my parents not only let me go to Africa for two months, but they thought it was a good idea.  If their goal was to ruin their son for the Kingdom of God, it was a great idea.  I left for an adventure with no intention of ever being more than a “normal” Christian…with a well paying job, a big house and fast cars.  I came home full of adventure and the first tones of a calling to missionally serve the Lord with my life.  Following the trip I began to reorient my plans in preparation for the foreign mission field to follow in my parents footsteps.  After high school graduation the plan was to earn a degree in math and teach in an MK (missionary kid) school.  But God had other plans and, in my four years of undergrad, He began to weave a few more tones into a simple missional melody.