IMG_1133Welcome to the Purcell’s ongoing story of how we are trying to obediently follow Jesus.  Our journey has taken us from growing up in church to working in the church and now to exploring what a fresh expression of the people of God could look like.  Our heart is deeply rooted in what we call “Kingdom Family”.  Imagine an extended family sized community that regularly shares meals together, plays together, worships together, shares resources and even lives in close proximity to each other.  A family that grows and disciples people so that they will be able to go start their own family.  A family that grants space for people to be honest with their brokenness, discover their identity, develop their gifts, hear their call…and then move out into the world to live  it!  A place where there is freedom to explore, make mistakes and attempt outrageous things for the Kingdom.  But this isn’t just a family, its a family who deeply loves and follows Jesus of Nazareth.  Just as Jesus loved the downcast, welcomed the stranger, healed the sick, cast out demons, raised the dead and sacrificed his own life, we too are humbly pursuing and growing in living this way of life, so that others may know Jesus’ invitation to be part of the Family.

On the following pages you’ll find a bit more on who we are,  where we live, our ongoing story of living and loving our neighbors in Gifford Park, and a couple ways you can join us.